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Timing of election, role of Confederacy of Nations to dominate AFN General Assembly

Kind of American this uncertainty about how to empower authority. The problem is structural, caused by nation-stater propaganda

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New Chief rawBy Chris Plecash, Hill Times, July 14, 2014

First Nations leaders will determine the election date for AFN national chief at the organization’s general assembly in Halifax this week, but several other pressing matters will be on the agenda, including the role of the recently-revived Confederacy of Nations.

Chiefs from the country’s 634 First Nations will meet in Halifax on July 15 and 16, where they will determine the timing of the next election of the national chief of the Assembly of First Nations following Shawn Atleo’s resignation from the position on May 2.

Some chiefs will be advocating to hold an election as soon as possible, while others support holding the election in December to coincide with the organization’s special assembly. Another bloc is expected to argue in favour of waiting until next summer when the Chiefs-in-Assembly were originally scheduled to elect the next national chief in Winnipeg.

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Being Black

Being Black

I am Black like Nelson and love it.

I am a number of numbers that reach infinity and back

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